Domestic Discipline

Stop Talking

Mistress with her spanking brush

“Missy, I have just had a look around your room young lady. You are supposed to be keeping this house clean and tidy; but it appears you are incapable of even cleaning your own space. Your clothing draw is a mess, the carpet hasn’t been hovered and there is dust on the window seal, and all over the desk and chair.”

“Sorry mistress, I was busy doing the washing, I have so much to do all the time.”

“I’m afraid sorry won’t be enough, you have plenty of time, you just manage it poorly.

Now put down your things and follow me to the bathroom. I’m going to give you a lesson in time management, I think your backside requires a reminder of what happens when you fail do your chores correctly. Come along up we go, it’s a bath, a spanking, and an early bedtime for you.”

“Yes Mistress.”

As a trainee you need to understand that your mistress or guardian will have the power to discipline you as she sees fit. Your punishment may be differed to a later date; or as in the case above, it could be on the spot, this may be in front of others, and even in public. So the lesson is, behave yourself, think about what you’re training means to you, and how in the long run it will be for the best, and always, always, do as you are told.

Training is not always easy, but we know you can do it!