Domestic Discipline

Strict Aunty

strict aunty

A young man finds out the hard way not to mess with his land lady.

I never knew just how strict my landlady was until I got home drunk one night, I had been out partying until the early morning, when I got back I thought she would be asleep, I was wrong. As soon as I entered the house she grabbed me by the ear and informed me I was in for a session of strict discipline.

“For now you will be going straight to bed, hardly worth punishing you while you’re still drunk.” She said. She then marched me up stairs, striped me, delivered too hard slaps to my bottom and put me to bed. Strange thing was, even though she was mad she still gave me a small kiss on the cheek before she put the light out.

I thought that would be the end of things, boy I was wrong.

Next morning she woke me early, took me down stairs and explained what she had in mind, “I must say I am extremely unhappy with your behaviour, getting home late, foul language, and your bad attitude,” She said.

I new I was in trouble.