Domestic Discipline


Strict landlady

I remember when I first moved out from my parents house and got my first lodgings, I moved in to the back room of this house about three miles from my old street, I saw the add in the window of a local shop.

Room to let for clean tidy boy, non smoker, must be new student of the university, correct candidate will enjoy welcoming home of experienced landlady

Please note No female persons may call to the premises at any time.

Looking it the add now it’s easy to read between the lines, young mummy’s boy with no girlfriend wanted to live with older experienced woman; I can’t believe I was so naive.

I was only there for one day before the trouble began, I first arrived and dropped of my gear, unfortunately for me I just dropped my bags, had a quick shower and went out, leaving the room with my stuff strewn all over the floor. When I got back I never even made it up the stairs, Laura confronted me in the hall, grabbed my ear and gave it a hard twist, still holding my ear she marched me up the stairs, I never realized it at the time but my new life had began.